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Kasco Marine Pond De-Icers, Lake De-Icers, Circulators

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Kasco water circulator (deicers) are used for winter kill prevention and to protect docks from ice damage. Kasco water circulators (deicers) can be used to help prevent winter-kill conditions and protect permanent fixtures in ponds and lakes. During harsh winters with thick ice and heavy snow pack, ponds can experience fish kills. Kasco water circulators will mix the water and move warmer, bottom water to the surface to keep an area of the pond open. Only one percent of the ponds total surface area needs to be ice free to prevent winter kill situations. The cold water will become oxygenated by coming in contact with the air and prevent winter kill.

Kasco water circulators (deicers) have been used with great success to extend waterfowl hunting seasons as well. Rather than a short season due to cold weather and freezing water, with a Kasco water circulator, an open area can be maintained to attract birds. Circulators can be used to extend Waterfowl hunting with more open water. Since most hunting blinds do not include electricity, most hunters who use Kasco water circulators will operate the unit with a generator before sunlight to open the area. Then before shooting hours, will turn the generator off to avoid scaring away the waterfowl.

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