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Kasco (Kasco Marine) manufacturers a wide range of aerating decorative fountains and pond aerators, which are available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2, 5 and 7.5 HP sizes. The most popular Kasco fountains for pond and lakes are the J Series and the VX Series. Kasco Marine also builds industrial strength pond aerators, water circulators and deicers.

The Kasco J Series aerating fountains improve the overall water quality of ponds, while enhancing its appearance with interchangeable patterns that are included in the base price of the fountains! For example, a 3/4 HP unit has 5 interchangeable spray patterns, 2 and 3 HP units have 6 spray patterns and a 5 HP unit has 7 patterns. The standard spray patterns (nozzles) for the J-Series fountains are as follows: Linden, Cypress, Willow, Juniper, Redwood, Spruce, Sequoia and Birch. In addition, four premium nozzles (Madrone, Magnolia, Mahogany and Palm) can be purchased for the 2, 3 5, and 7.5 HP fountains in the J-Series.

The Kasco VX Series aerating fountains provide the highest oxygen transfer of all fountains with an aesthetically pleasing 'V' pattern display. The VX (VFX) Series fountains are the best of aeration and display with over 800 gallons per minute for the 5 HP unit.

Industrial strength pond aerators are designed to provide extremely high oxygen transfer rates. These pond aerators are designed for the toughest jobs and are ideal for aquaculture, wastewater and agriculture applications. Water circulators and deicers are economical ways to move stagnant water, keep debris out and prevent ice damage to docks and shoreline areas.

Kasco Robust Aire pond and lake aeration systems provide deep water aeration for ponds and lakes. Diffused aeration is an effective method of aeration for ponds with depths greater than 8 feet. By using compressed air injected directly into the bottom of pond, a continuous flow of water is moved upward and thousands of gallons of water are mixed with little expended energy. A Robust Aire energy efficient compressor injects air to the bottom of your pond with weighted, SureSink air line and into the Robust Aire diffuser assembly. The diffuser breaks up the air into micro bubbles which rise to the surface. The rising of the air bubbles creates current, which transfers low-oxygen water to the surface, allows it to contact the atmosphere, and breathe. Temperature layers are disrupted and fish are able to inhabit the entire water column. Oxygen levels increase and harmful gases in the pond water are expelled.

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