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AirPod™ Air Diffuser – Durability & Reliability

The Most Durable, Efficient & Largest Air Diffusers on the Market Today!

Fine Bubble Air Diffuser EPDM Tube Air Diffusers Pond Aerator Triple Check Valve Triple Check Valve System Pond Aerator Easy to Install Easy Installation

Hydro Logic Products AirPod™ and AirPod XL™ air diffusers contain state-of-the-art EPDM flexible tube membranes. EPDM tube diffusers are far superior to air stones, porous media and even EPDM round disc diffusers. Our standard EPDM tube diffuser is more than 2 ½ times larger than two 9" EPDM disc diffusers. Our air diffusers are constructed to withstand total airflow from the compressors without damaging the EPDM membranes (unlike EPDM disc air diffusers). Learn more about The AirLift Aeration Advantage.

pond air bubbler EPDM disc air diffusers are simply no match for our AirPod EPDM tube air diffusers
9" Disc Diffuser AirPod air diffusers are more than 2 1/2 times larger than two 9" EPDM disc diffusers
Fine Bubble Air Difuser AirPod air diffusers are the only air diffusers equipped with the triple check valve system

AirPod Durability & The Ford F-150 Test 

AirPod air diffusers are designed and manufactured to be extremely durable and reliable. Our AirPod air diffusers are the only EPDM diffusers that literally can be run over with a Ford F-150 pickup truck, installed into a pond or lake and still operate like new five years later. So what’s a boat anchor going to do?

Bubbleology 101: Did You Know?

Most of the air bubbles from our AirPod™ and AirPod XL™ air diffusers range in size from 500 to 1,000 microns in diameter. These micron-sized bubbles force deep pond and lake waters to the surface, thereby resulting in complete lake mixing. In addition, dissolved oxygen is readily transferred from these tiny air bubbles to the surrounding pond and lake waters.

More About Our AirPods...

Our AirPods are the only air diffusers equipped with a triple check valve system, thereby preventing water and sediment from entering the air lines during system shut down.

Lastly, our AirPods have the very large bases in order to prevent sediment disturbance during system operation. Learn more about The AirLift Pond Aerator Advantage

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