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Successful Control of Nuisance Algae & Aquatic Plants

Aqua Link, Inc. is staffed with professional aquatic biologists and commercial applicators to control nuisance levels of algae (planktonic and filamentous) and aquatic vegetation (emergent, floating leaved and submerged) using aquatic pesticides. Many of our algae and aquatic plant management programs are often integrated with other cost effective pond and lake management tools such as, aeration. Below are a few examples of how Aqua Link can improve the aesthetics and ecological health of your pond or lake.

Pond Before Algae Treatments Pond After Algae Treatments Pond Before Algae Treatments Pond after Algae Treatments
Before After Before After
Pond with Duckweed before aeration Pond with Duckweed after Aeration Algae and Plankton before Aeration Algae and Plankton after Aeration
Before After Before After
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