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How Does AirLift Aeration Work?

Our Airlift and AirLift XL pond and lake aeration systems are equipped with the highly reliable, energy efficient dual piston air compressors. Compressed air from the compressors is transported to AirPod™ and AirPod XL™ air diffusers using uniquely fabricated, sinking air supply tubing.

Overall, Hydro Logic Products AirPod and AirPod XL air diffusers were carefully designed to maximize water lift rate and transfer rate of dissolved oxygen to the surrounding lake waters. The AirPod and AirPod XL air diffusers are installed along the lake bottom and release millions of tiny bubbles. Most of the bubbles from the AirPod and AirPod XL air diffusers typically range in size from 500 to 1,000 microns in diameter.

Next, these micron-sized bubbles force deep lake waters to the surface, thereby resulting in complete lake mixing. In addition, dissolved oxygen is readily transferred from these tiny air bubbles to the surrounding pond or lake waters.

Dual Piston Air Compressor Cabinet Weighted tubing - self-sinking Pond Aerator Air Diffuser
Inside Air Compressor Cabinet DownUnder Aeration Supply Tubing AirPod XL Air Diffuser
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