Algaecides to Control Algae in Ponds & Lakes


What are Algae & Algaecides?

Algaecide or algicide is a biocide used for killing and preventing the growth of algae. Algae are simple unicellular plants that can range from the microscopic (micro algae) to long strands of algae (where individual algal cells are connected to one another). Some forms of macro algae like Chara and Nitella can resemble higher aquatic plants.

Algae form the foundation of the aquatic food chain but when too much exists in ponds and lakes, water can become a murky green color and the surface may become covered in surface floating mats of filamentous algae.  Too much algae can result in the degradation of water quality and the impairment of desirable pond and lake uses. 

Most microalgae grow through photosynthesis – by converting sunlight, carbon dioxide and a few nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorous, into material known as biomass This is called “autotrophic” growth. Other algae can grow in the dark using sugar or starch (called “heterotrophic” growth), or even combine both growth modes (called “mixotrophic” growth).

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