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Aquatic Herbicides to Control Aquatic Plants


What are Aquatic Herbicides & When are They Used?

Aqua Plants or aquatic vegetation are also known as aquatic macrophytes.  Aquatic plants have vascular tissues which allow for the transport of sugars, nutrients and water. Aqua Plants are often categorized as emergent (cattail, iris, sedges, rushes), submergent (pondweeds, milfoils, naiads) and floating leaved (water lilies). Duckweed and watermeal are the tiniest of aquatic plants and are often confused with algae on pond surfaces.  

Aquatic plants provide a number of beneficial uses in ponds and lakes including aquatic habitats for fish and other aquatic organisms, terrestrial habitats for birds, shoreline protection, source of food for wildlife and anchoring systems for pond and lake bottom sediments. Overall, about 30 to 40 percent coverage of aquatic macrophytes is most desirable for fishery managers.. 

Aquatic herbicides are used to control unwanted aquatic plant growth in areas around docks, swimming beach and where too many aquatic plants are impairing other desirable lake uses.

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