Solar Pond & Lake Aeration Systems

Keeton Solar Pond & Lake Aeration Systems


Keeton Aquatics - An Overview

Keeton Industries is a family-owned and operated aquatics manufacturing company. Since its founding in 1972, Keeton Industries continues to promote pond management naturally healthy aquatic habitats, lakes, fisheries and waste water facilities. Keeton carries a complete line of pond and lake aeration equipment.  Keeton also carries its own line of pond and lake management products which includes bacteria additives. 

Keeton Solaer Pond & Lake Aeration Systems

Keeton Solaer aeration systems are solar powered pond aerators and lake aeration systems. Solaer aeration systems are an excellent choice when pond and lake aeration is needed and no conventional electricity is available. 

Solaer solar powered pond and lake aerators are extremely quiet. The 100% recycled plastic cabinet houses all of the critical components including the charge control system that monitors the solar panel array, the equipment load and the battery back-up system. The battery back-up enables the system to run at night or during extended periods of poor weather. 

Solaer is designed to operate 20 hours per day and has enough battery capacity to run the system up to three days without any solar input. Solaer systems include solar panels with pole mounting bracket, a specially designed, energy efficient compressor, a high volume cooling fan, a fully adjustable aluminum manifold, Duraplate diffusers and self-weighted Alpine tubing.

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AquaMaster Solar Pond & Lake Aeration Systems

AquaMaster - An Overview

AquaMaster (Aqua Master) is recognized throughout the world as one of the premier manufacturers of fountains and aeration equipment (pond aerators). AquaMaster carries three lines of floating fountains: Masters Decorative Series, Masters Series and Celestial Series. In addition, AquaMaster has five different types of pond aerators and lake aerators: Oxymax Series, Ultimax Series, Volcano Series, Hydromax Series and the AquaAir Series. 

AquaMaster Solar AquaAir Ultra Pond & Lake Aeration Systems

Solar AquaAir® Ultra (SAAU) aeration systems are powered by the sun using solar panels.  These systems can be equipped with or without battery backup. These systems are manufactured with the same benefits & features of the AquaMaster® AquaAir® Ultra aeration product line, utilizing components requiring minimal maintenance. SAAU systems provide superior aeration, circulation, and destratification of water bodies. Perfect for installation in ponds and lakes located in remote areas with no power source, the SAAU provides the ultimate in year round environmentally friendly aeration. 

A solar powered brushless 24 volt piston compressor supplies compressed air via 0.58 inch weighted Super Sink air tubing to the diffuser(s) located unseen on the pond bottom. Diffuser membranes utilizing micro- bubble technology synergistically lift water from the pond bottom to the surface where atmospheric oxygen transfer occurs and a subsequent, oxygen enhanced, beneficial circulation is created. 

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