Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds & Lakes


Why Use Bacteria Additives in Ponds & Lakes?

The use of beneficial bacteria in ponds and lakes is also known as biological augmentation (bioaugmentation for short).  In bioaugmentation, concentrated bacteria additives are added to speed up the rate of degradation of a contaminants. With respect to ponds and lakes, this is a newer in-lake management technique in the U.S. and the contaminants are organic matter (suspended or sediments), nutrients and reduced gases like hydrogen sulfide and methane.

The overall goals of bioaugmentation is to improve both water quality and water clarity and breakdown organic matter throughout the water column in ponds and lakes and in sediments (organic muck).  

Top Brands of Beneficial Bacteria Products at the Best Prices!

Aqua Link sells concentrated bacteria additives from several different manufacturers. One of our top sellers is MicroLife Clear and MicroLife Clear Max manufactured by Hydro Logic Products. Both, MicroLife Clear and MicroLife Clear Max products have been rigorously field tested by our professional pond and lake managers.

MicroLife Clear and MicroLife Clear Max are an all natural formulation of concentrated beneficial bacteria for use in ponds, lakes, aquaculture ponds, ornamental ponds, koi ponds and water garden ponds. When used regularly, this product will reduce murky water (improve water clarity); reduce ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and phosphorus; reduce bottom sludge (muck); and reduce odors.

Overall, MicroLife Clear benefical pond bacteria is used most frequently in small ponds (koi ponds and backyard ponds), ponds, and small lakes. Conversely, MicroLife Clear Max beneficial bacteria is generally used in larger ponds, lakes, and reservoirs.

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