Bioaugmentation - Beneficial Bacteria


What is Bioaugmentation?

Biological augmentation is the addition of bacterial cultures (beneficial bacteria) required to speed up the rate of degradation of a contaminant. With respect to ponds and lakes, this is a newer in-lake management technique in the U.S. and the contaminants are organic matter (suspended or sediments), nutrients and reduced gases like hydrogen sulfide and methane.

The overall goals of bioaugmentation is to improve both water quality and water clarity and breakdown organic matter throughout the water column in ponds and lakes and in sediments (organic muck).  


Aqua Link - Your Experts in Bioaugmentation

Aqua Link is a leader in the U.S. when it comes to managing ponds, lakes and reservoirs using concentrated bacteria additives (beneficial bacteria). We started working with bioaugmentaion on ponds and larger lake systems in the early 2000's. After many hours of field testing and analyzing lake data, this eventually lead to the development for our concentrated bacteria product lines - a pond formulation and a larger lake/reservoir formulation. 

Aqua Link frequently implements bioaugmentation in conjuction with other in-lake management best management practices such as lake aeration and the use of algaecides.  In many instances, bioaugmentation is quite successful by itself but the greatest results are most often seen with combining this management practice with aeration and/or algaecide treatments. When algaecides and bioaugmentation are combined, we have found that we can often apply algaecides at much lower dosing rates for algae control, which is a win for the environment.  

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