Pond & Lake Dyes

Pond & Lake Dyes


Why Color Your Pond or Lake?

Pond and lake dyes are used for two simple reasons. First, the colorants help in blocking out sunlight which in turn allows for lower amounts of algae growth. Secondly, adding a dye or colorant to a pond or lake can make the water body look more aesthetically appealing. Over the years, pond and lakes dyes have become more concentrated and prices have declined, thereby making dye products a useful tool in pond and lake management. 

Top Pond & Lake Dyes at the Best Prices!

Aqua Link sells pond and lake dyes from several different manufacturers. One of our top sellers in AquaSplash Blue and AquaSplash Black manufactured by Hydro Logic Products.  

AquaSplash Blue and AquaSplash Black contain super concentrated pond dyes designed for use in ponds & lakes. Both products help to filter out sunlight.  AquaSplash Blue creates an aesthetically pleasing “blue” appearance to the water, while AquaSplash Black create an aesthetically pleasing “mirror like, mystic black” appearance to the water.

Many of our customers custom enjoying controlling the overall degree of "blueness" by adding both AquaSplash blue and black pond dyes to their ponds.  

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