Watershed Management & Assessments


Lake Management Begins with Lake & Watershed Studies

Aqua Link is very knowledgeable in all aspects of lake and watershed management. Aqua Link’s staff has participated in over 100 major Phase I Lake Diagnostic - Feasibility Studies and Phase II Lake and Watershed Implementation Projects in 10 different states. 

Regarding Phase I studies, Aqua Link is experienced in developing comprehensive lake and watershed management plans to protect and improve lake water quality. Our management plans are carefully developed by thoroughly evaluating and prioritizing all applicable in-lake restoration techniques and watershed best management practices (i.e., structural, non-structural or institutional). We always strive to develop comprehensive management plans that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly to restore and protect water quality.


Evaluation of Watershed Best Management Practices

Aqua Link's team of professional lake managers routinely evaluate all applicable, scientifically proven watershed best management practices to improve lake water quality and aquatic habitats:

  • Streambank and Lake Shoreline Stabilization
  • Steep Slope Stabilization
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices
  • Agricultural Best Management Practices
  • Urban Best Management Practices
  • Homeowner Best Management Practices
  • Constructed Wetlands and Sedimentation Basins
  • Institutional (Non-Structural) Practices (e.g., establishing watershed associations, development of model ordinances) 

Picture - Shoreline stabilization project at Gifford Pichnot State Park based upon watershed assessment performed by Aqua Link.

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